Why We Diet

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why we diet. Most of us were not overweight children and young adults, so why have so many of us been on a diet? Body dissatisfaction. And why are we dissatisfied with our bodies? Because we are told to be dissatisfied. Every. Damn. Day. Think about when you first became aware of your body. I bet you weren’t criticizing it while running around the playground playing with your friends. It was probably when a well meaning family member made a critical comment about your belly or when you saw magazine full of photo-shopped models who look nothing like you.

The messages are all around us and we take them in, whether we realize it or not. Those sneaky marketers really know how to reach our subconscious, because they know if we’re dissatisfied with our bodies, we’ll buy their product, sign up for their program and do virtually anything to make that feeling go away. Unfortunately, the joke is on us. Intentional weight loss fails 95% of the time. If it worked, all those weight loss companies would be out of business and yet new diet schemes are promoted all the time.

So if intentional weight loss doesn’t work, what’s a person to do? Look around you, and I don’t mean on TV and in magazines. Two-thirds of us are overweight or obese, but you wouldn’t know it based on what you see in the media. We’ve been sold a lie that thin is desirable. That we must be thin in order to be healthy. But our body shapes are as unique as our personalities and fingerprints. One size does not fit all, and yet we chase this body ideal with everything we’ve got.

How would your life be different if you called a truce? If you accepted that you’ll never look like that model no matter how hard you try, and that it’s OKAY? That your value and worth as a human have nothing to do with how you look. Freedom can be yours if you reject the diet mentality and accept your body as it was created.

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