But, It’s Time to Eat!

Have you ever found yourself eating because it was meal time, even when you weren’t really hungry? Or perhaps your family was sitting down to dinner and you had a late lunch, but you felt obligated to eat anyway to feel connected? This has happened to me more often that I care to count… that is until I adopted an Intuitive Eating way of being.

I’ve been trying to figure out how we got so lost, so out of touch with our own bodies. And the answer always comes back to Diet Culture. The pursuit of weight loss. Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks daily to keep your metabolism firing! Or is it 5 smaller meals throughout the day? Wait, maybe it’s 3 meals with no snacks? No matter the interval, you must eat on that prescribed schedule because your body can’t be trusted to tell you what or when to eat. No wonder we’re out of touch! We’re listening to the wrong voice and until we take back control, we’ll continue to struggle with food and our bodies.

I encourage you to ask yourself, whose voice should I be listening to? Some outsider who doesn’t know the first thing about the experience of living in this body or my own? Seems kind of silly when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? Many of us have no problem listening to our intuition when making decisions of all kinds, but when it comes to our diet it’s loaded with “I should or shouldn’t” because every morsel could make or break my health.

While learning to listen to your hunger and fullness signals takes some practice, once you’ve tuned in the entire eating experience is transformed. Waiting until you’re hungry, to eat something you truly desire is the most satisfying experience. And if there’s one “should” I can get behind, it’s that eating SHOULD be satisfying! Once you’ve really mastered listening to your hunger and fullness signals, it becomes easy to honor your hunger in the present while also honoring your desire to enjoy a meal with your family a few hours from now.

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