Before and After

I’ve been reflecting on the recent photo that broke the internet… Adele emerged from a six-month social media hiatus with a post thanking first responders for all they do. Unfortunately, the sentiment of the post was completely lost because the picture that accompanied the post was of a noticeably thinner Adele. While not all of the comments reference her significant weight loss, many did.

I was baffled by the assumptions about her “health” now that she weighed less. Or that her motivation was to “get healthy”. I’d love to know how complete strangers, who I assume are not doctors, can diagnose her health or know her motivations from a single picture. And yet we do this as a society day in and day out.

MYTH: Fat equals unhealthy.

TRUTH: There are as many thin, unhealthy people as there are overweight, healthy people.

What’s important is how we live our lives. What you eat and how much you weigh are only a fraction of your overall health. Your physical fitness, activity and stress levels, quality of sleep, as well as socioeconomic status all play a role in your health outcomes too. Celebrating weight loss in any capacity helps to perpetuate the lie that we can win at the game of permanent weight loss. It also creates unnecessary guilt and shame for chronic dieters who fail over and over because they’re told that weight equals health.

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing few people consider when celebrating weight loss is the actual experience of the person receiving praise. What if they are sick or on medication that makes them lose weight? What if they are going through a really difficult time and are struggling to get through the day? Maybe they have a serious eating disorder and your praise keeps them spiraling instead of getting help. We can’t know what’s going on for another person, so it’s wise to keep your comments to yourself.

I sincerely hope that Adele is okay and she made these changes for herself and not a world that values body size over accomplishments. If anything, observing how the world reacts to a celebrity’s weight loss reinforces why I’m so passionate about helping women make peace with food and their bodies. It will be a glorious day when someone breaks the internet because they resolved world hunger, not because an otherwise accomplished woman, went hungry.

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