Feeling Out of Control Around Food?

Have you ever felt out of control around food? Like if you start eating that bag of chips, you won’t come up for air until it’s all gone? If so, I have good news! This is totally normal. Yes. Totally. Normal. I realize this statement may make you laugh out loud in disbelief, but hear me out. Think back to a time when you could eat a serving of chips and walk away, no big deal. It may have been long ago, but I bet a time existed when they just weren’t that interesting to you.

So what gives? Diet culture, that’s what. You likely went on a diet (and when I say diet, that includes ‘wellness and lifestyle’ ways of eating) that forbade you from eating them, or you could only eat them on a ‘cheat day’. Think about what you made that mean about those crunchy, salty potato crisps… they are bad, bad, bad and you should not be consuming them. But they taste so good! So every time you gave in and ate those chips, you did so feeling guilty and likely beat yourself up for the rest of the day.

What if you didn’t think chips were ‘bad’ and just enjoyed them for what they were and knew that the next time you had a hankering for them, you could have them? Would you still feel out of control around them? Probably not. They lose their magic through a process called food habituation. The more we consume a food, the less desirable it becomes because we get used to it and it loses its power over us.

What if we could do this with all foods deemed ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’? Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, until I found Intuitive Eating. Allowing food to just be food is liberating. Eating healthful foods that make me feel good, while also eating delicious foods just for pure enjoyment is the most satisfying way to eat. Let’s explore what this might look like for you. Click below to schedule a free, 45-minute discovery session to learn more.

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