Taking Care During Stressful Times

I know I’m not alone when I say, it’s been a rough few weeks. We’re all being asked to do something that does not come naturally to us as humans… to socially distance ourselves from not only our friends and loved ones, but also complete strangers. We find comfort in the presence of others and we need all the comfort we can get during stressful times! Sometimes this means turning to food for comfort. Hear me when I say, it’s OKAY to turn to food for comfort. There isn’t any one right way to deal with the stress of modern life, as everyone has different experiences and needs. However, it is important to have alternative tools in your toolbox to cope with all the feels that come with overwhelming times.

Yesterday was hard. It wasn’t any one thing. Just the weight of the world during this crisis, the uncertainty of when it will all end and who we will be as a society on the other side. Normally I’m pretty good at keeping my mind/body connection in tiptop shape but I was all disheveled yesterday and recognized I needed to take care of myself before I really got stuck in a funk. So I said no to work (which, thankfully, I’m able to do) and did the two things that almost always make me feel better: took a long walk along the lakefront and a relaxing, magnesium-rich Epsom salt bath. This ritual always leaves me feeling better. If I don’t take care of myself, I don’t have anything left for anyone else.

So often we push through the task, project or day because we believe it must get done today. I want you to question whether this is really true. As a society, we are more productive than we’ve ever been… and sicker than we’ve ever been. Coincidence? Perhaps, but why would you roll the dice on your health to say you accomplished one more thing today? So take the hour or the afternoon when you need it, not when you’re so depleted that it takes a week off to recover. You’ll be happier, healthier and your work will likely see a boost too. But the biggest benefit? You’ll be more present with those friends and loved ones, when we can finally reunite again.

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