Why I work with a Health Coach

I have personally had several Health Coaches who have helped me through various stages of discovery that have gotten me where I am today. Back in my disordered eating days, I was bound and determined to eliminate flour and sugar from my diet. If only I could stick to this regiment, I would finally lose the weight once and for all. So I hired Laura. She had trained with someone who promoted this “lifestyle” and while she didn’t personally subscribe to this protocol, she agreed to help me.

As the weeks wore on, my frustration grew and I just couldn’t stay on plan. One day she asked me a question that changed everything for me. “What if it’s okay that you can’t stick to this exact plan? Maybe someday down the road you’ll be able to, but what if right now it’s okay to just be where you are?” Uh, say what now? I sat with this question for days and journaled all my thoughts (more accurately, FEARS) and feelings around saying NO to what would end up being my final attempt at dieting to lose weight.

This one question made me reflect on who I’d be without the never-ending goal to be smaller. What if, (gasp!) I could be content just as I was? I’m happy to report that most days, I am. After 30+ years of living in this diet culture, it’s hard to completely eradicate the thoughts of thinness and the allure of the happiness I feel when one day, I reach the promise land. But everyday it gets easier.

My coach opened the door for me to see another way. She had no idea what this one question would ultimately do for me, but instead of going along with what I asked of her (no sugar, no flour, no excuses) she challenged me to see the situation, and myself, differently. This is what coaches do for you. They see you, they hear you and they challenge what you know to be true. After all, true transformation doesn’t occur without shifting outdated beliefs about yourself and the world. The choice is ours, if we’re up for the challenge.

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